• By Degrees Policies

    Including Enrolment Terms and Conditions

    Thank you

    Thank you for studying with By Degrees. Like any organisation, there are some Terms, Conditions and Policies that you need to consider before enrolling with us. We have tried to make these as fair and simple-to-understand as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to get in contact with us for clarification.


    Welcome and enjoy your study!



    “Agent” means a company or natural person duly authorised by By Degrees to advise on Courses and sell Courses on behalf of By Degrees, as listed on the official By Degrees website and updated from time-to-time;

    “Authorised Partner” means a company or natural person duly authorised by By Degrees to provide some or all services on behalf of By Degrees, as listed on the official By Degrees website and updated from time-to-time;

    “By Degrees” means By Degrees Pte Ltd, incorporated in the Republic of Singapore;

    “Course” means any course, unit or subject that you purchase from By Degrees, an Agent or Authorised Partner;

    “Enrolment” means your enrolment in a Course and is subject to:

    • You providing all necessary information to enable By Degrees or our Authorised Partner to facilitate and confirm your application for enrolment in a Course
    • You undertaking any required course suitability tests
    • Payment of the Course fees
    • Final approval of your enrolment by By Degrees




    All enrolments are subject to the final acceptance of By Degrees. By Degrees, our Agent or Authorised Partner may act on our behalf in this regard.


    You must supply us with accurate information that is not false or misleading. Any false or misleading data deliberately provided to us, our Agent or Authorised Partner may be considered fraudulent behaviour and may constitute an offence. If we suspect any such data is being provided by you we may refer the matter to the appropriate authorities and/or suspend or expel you. If you need to change any information you may do so using our automated facilities or contacting Student Services at studentservices@by-degrees.com



    Our courses are designed for students who are 18 years of age or older. Enrolment by students younger than 18 years of age at the time of enrolment requires the permission of an authorised parent or guardian. By Degrees and its Authorised Partners provides no pastoral care services.



    Once your course starts you will be required to participate in order to successfully complete your Course. Participation includes consuming prescribed course material (Bursts), engaging in facilitated discussions (Jams), completing exercises and activities, and successfully completing summative assessments (Shots). All of these are compulsory in order to be considered to have successfully completed in your course of study. If you are unsure of your progress, please consult with your Facilitator privately inside the By Degrees app.


    We will keep track of your activity and may notify you, as a courtesy if we feel that you are not on track to successfully complete your course. However, if you feel at any time that you are not on track, don’t understand something or are otherwise having some difficulty please let your Facilitator know as soon as practicable. If you are unable to do so, please ask a member of your family or a close friend to get in touch with us to let us know of your circumstances. We will try to help out wherever possible.


    If you have an issue with your Facilitator that you don’t wish to discuss with them please write, in confidence to studentservices@by-degrees.com


    Use of Images, Video, Sound Recordings and/or your Likeness

    As part of your study with us you will be required to submit text and/or video and audio recordings in the form of data. Such data may include personal information and the pictorial and/or audio likenesses of you and other people. By doing this you agree to the storage and transmission of these data which may include transmission over the internet.


    By Degrees is a respectful, open place for every human being to partake in the wonders of learning.


    It is important that when you record yourself or others and use our services to transmit such data that you do so appropriately. This means that we expect all common courtesies and standards of decency that would be common in most societies to be adhered to. Our services may not be used to record other people covertly, nor to store or transmit images, likenesses or audio of people, including yourself indecently dressed, insufficiently clothed, acting inappropriately including using profane language, symbols or gestures or using language, symbols or actions that could be assumed by a reasonable person to be offensive or upsetting. Hate speech and offensiveness against gender, religion, colour, race, country / region of origin, nationality or sexual orientation is expressly forbidden on any of our services. Any such activity may result in sanctions against the student, which may include but not be limited to suspension or expulsion, and/or referral to the appropriate authorities.


    By Degrees will be the final arbiter of what is considered to be offensive.


    By submitting data in Jams you give permission for this to be shared with others in your class or other grouping of students, staff, facilitators, mentors, Agents and Authorised Partners.


    We may also use your likeness for the purposes of marketing, however if you prefer that this doesn’t happen you must let us know in advance.



    We may provide a range of ways in order for you to be able to pay your fees to us. Not every payment method may be available in every jurisdiction.


    It may take some time for us to receive the fees paid due to the transmission of fees from Agents to us, weekends, public holidays, bank transmission time lags and other reasons. This may cause some delay in the ability for us to provide services to you, however we cannot be held responsible for any delays that are outside our control.


    Payment methods may vary and may include fees imposed by your bank and/or payment provider. Fees may also be charged in a currency that is different to the currency used by you, in which case a currency conversion fee may be levied by your bank or payment provider. Such fees will be to your account and we will not be providing any compensation or discount as a result of such fees. Please check with your bank or other payment provider before using these payment methods if this concerns you.



    We’re very proud of our ability to operate in multiple languages and, in time we hope to be able to communicate with every person on Earth. Terms and Conditions, Policies, instructions, directions and other communications may be provided in a range of languages. In the event that there is a discrepancy between any such communication and the same or similar communication in English, then the English language communication will be considered to be correct.


    Course Duration

    By Degrees courses have a fixed duration that is often not extensible. The start and end dates are listed for you prior to your enrolment so that you can plan your study.


    If you find the duration is insufficient please speak with your Facilitator as early as possible and we will do what we can to assist you.


    Course Cancellation

    On occasion we may need to cancel a course. This may occur because we have insufficient enrolments or, for some other reason we may not be able to commence or complete a course.


    In the event that we cancel a course prior to commencement you will be issued a full refund. The refund will be paid to you via the payment method in which we received the money and in the currency in which we billed you. If a refund is paid via an Agent, you must liaise with that Agent to receive your refund.


    Singapore Residents: Nothing in this Cancellation clause supersedes your rights under Singapore consumer law.



    Course Transfers may be made up to 48 hours prior to the commencement of a course by contacting Student Services at studentservices@by-degrees.com. By Degrees reserves the right to refuse a course transfer request. All course transfers are subject to availability. If your request is successful you will need to pay a Course Transfer Fee (see Miscellaneous Fees) prior to transfer.


    If the new course is of greater value that your current course you will need to pay the additional course fees in addition to the Course Transfer Fee. Any future course must be commenced within six months of the start date of the original course. Only one transfer will be allowed.


    To apply for a course transfer you must have paid all fees that are due at the time. Please note that course fees will not be refunded as a result of a Course Transfer. You continue to be bound by your original student agreement.


    Delivery of Services

    The delivery of some services may be provided to you by an Authorised Partner of By Degrees in your jurisdiction or some other jurisdiction. This may require the transmission of data, including your Personal Data across international boundaries and between By Degrees and the Authorised Partner. We may need to do this in order to provide services to you. By enrolling in a course you agree to this transmission and storage.


    Errors in Your Course

    Our people are amazing and work very hard to bring great learning to as many people as possible. But, we are not perfect. Errors may occur from time-to-time. Any errors notified to us will be handled in accordance with our quality management processes. Whilst all reasonable endeavours will be made to address any errors we will not be held liable for errors or inconsistencies in course material or advice given.


    Server Availability, Apps and Data Storage

    We host our back-end databases and applications on some of the finest server infrastructure around. However, from time-to-time outages may occur. Whilst they are often temporary and come back up within a few minutes, it’s not impossible for extended outages to occur, often due to things like weather or power events.


    In such situations, By Degrees will only process course extensions or change examination deadlines if an outage lasts longer than 48 hours. Refunds will only be processed on a pro-rata basis and where a server outage lasts longer than two weeks.


    Should an app malfunction due to an error on our part, we will do our best to rectify the situation. If a malfunction can’t be fixed by us within 48 hours then we will consider processing course extensions or change examination deadlines on a case-by-case basis. No refunds will be processed should this occur.


    We will store data to the best of our ability, however should any information become lost we will not be held liable for any losses that may occur.


    In any and all events our liability is limited to the course fees paid.


    No Guarantee of a Job or Accreditation Outcome

    We fervently believe that a good education is a sound basis for great job outcomes. We love doing our best to help our students, however nothing By Degrees, our Agents or Authorised Partners say or do can be construed as a guarantee that you will get a job, finish a course or receive a qualification.


    Your Disclosure to Us

    You must disclose to us anything that might prevent or impede your study prior to commencement. If anything occurs during your study that may prevent or impede your study you must let us know. Speak with your Facilitator or contact us at studentservices@by-degrees.com


    Refund Policy

    Once payment is received, By Degrees course fees are not refundable. Under exceptional circumstances, By Degrees may issue a refund at the exclusive discretion of the CEO, whose decision is final and in accordance with these policies.


    Deferment and Extensions

    Students may defer their studies by enrolling into the same course with a different course date. This may be done by contacting Student Services at studentservices@by-degrees.com. By Degrees reserves the right to refuse a deferment request. All deferments are subject to availability in the new course date. If your request is successful you will need to pay a Course Deferment Fee (see Miscellaneous Fees) prior to deferment.


    If the new course date is of greater value that your current course you will need to pay the additional course fees in addition to the Course Deferment Fee. Any future course must be commenced within six months of the start date of the original course. Only one deferment will be allowed.


    To apply for a course deferment, you must have paid all fees that are due at the time. Please note that course fees will not be refunded as a result of a Course Deferment. You continue to be bound by your original student agreement.


    Course Credit

    Course Credits may be applied for any accredited course that is substantially similar to study you wish to commence with By Degrees. By Degrees will not credit any more than 25% of a course. Any course credit given will provide time off, but no discount will be provided. Course credits will only be applied where we are easily able to verify, and we believe the veracity of the qualification being presented to us. All course credits are applied at our exclusive discretion and our decision to issue credit or not is final. Course credit applications will be subject to a Course Credit Application Fee (see Miscellaneous Fees).



    We are committed to ensuring equal opportunity for people with a disability or specific learning needs. We may be able to make reasonable adjustments and accommodations to meet such needs, however we will not incur additional costs of interpreters, aid workers, computer hardware or software, prostheses, hearing aids, braille devices, translations, software modifications or other modifications or support services required. Please enquire with your local disability or special needs support services in your area with whom we would be pleased to liaise.


    Fitness for Purpose

    The By Degrees or Burst Learning apps supplied by us will only work on the devices specified using the versions of your operation system specified by us. Should you attempt to install or use our app on a version of operating system that is not supported, or a device that is not supported then we cannot be held responsible for any damage, inability to use or data loss that may occur as a result of such usage.


    Grievance and Appeals Procedure

    In the event that you have a complaint about By Degrees, any of our staff, including our facilitators, course content or the result of an assessment, the following procedure will apply:


    Step 1: Please communicate your concerns with your facilitator. This may be done by private message within the app;

    Step 2: If your issue is not resolved, or is an issue with your facilitator, write to studentservices@by-degrees.com detailing your complaint. We will communicate with you within seven days;

    Step 3: If your issue is still not resolved, write to admin@by-degrees.com with the subject line Step 3 Grievance. Your issue will be escalated and will be responded to within seven days.


    Step 3 Grievances responses from by Degrees will be considered final.



    Subject to the laws of the Republic of Singapore. You may be required to comply with additional laws for the jurisdiction you are in.


    These terms and conditions and policies may be updated from time-to-time without prior notice and by publication on our website.


    Miscellaneous Fees

    All fees are in US Dollars. You may be billed an equivalent amount in another currency at a foreign exchange rate that may be subject to change. These fees are subject to change by posting a new version of this document on the By Degrees website. All Miscellaneous Fees are non-refundable.



    Amount (USD)

    Course Transfer Fee


    Course Deferment Fee


    Course Credit Application Fee


    Re-despatch of Hard Materials

    25 + cost of shipping

    Payment Dishonour Fee

    25 + bank charges

    Student Documentation Request Fee





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